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Rare diseases covered by SENSGENE


Rare diseases covered by SENSGENE are rare sensory diseases (eye and ear).

15,000 patients with rare diseases of the eye or ear are supported by the network.


Atteintes visuelles

Large families of pathologies:

  • RETINAL DISEASES (Retinopathies pigmentosa)

Atteintes de la rétine

  • OPTICAL NERVE DISEASES (Optic neuropathies)

Atteintes du nerf optique

  • MALFORMATIONS (Microphthalmia, anterior segment ...)

 Malformations oculaires


Almost all visual impairment, whether isolated or associated with another pathology, is of genetic origin.



 Atteintes auditives


Deafness is the most common sensory deficit. It affects 1 child in 1000 at birth, one in 700 children before adulthood and a large percentage of the adult population. Deafness is not uncommon, but includes a large group of rare diseases of genetic origin.


More info about genetic deafness

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